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Who we are

Embar is the National Association of Recovery and Recycling of Packaging and Wood Wastes and was established on the 1st of September, 1998.

Pursuant to the Civil Code, it’s a non-profit association which can subscribe to all natural or legal persons, domestic or foreign that operate in the field of wood packaging. 

Develops its activity in order to promote the recycling of wood packaging, ensuring the resumption and recovery of packaging waste recovered under the Sociedade Ponto Verde, representing and defending the interests of companies producing and/or reclaimers and recyclers of wooden containers.

Embar is integrated into Interfileiras, whose function in the Integrated Packaging Waste Management System (SIGRE) is the link between the ranks of material and the company Sociedade Ponto Verde promoting participation in a coordinated, coherent and effective of the various ranks of participants in SIGRE.

Embar emerged as another initiative Wood row following the concern of AIMMP - Association of wood and furniture industries of Portugal - with the problems of wood packaging, and  AIMMP became a promoter of this new project.




Embar is in operation to ensure the following:

  • Representing and defense, among any National or International organization, the collective interests of undertakings and/or recycling of wooden containers for recovery, recycling, value and promotion of waste from wood packaging; 
  • Promotion and dissemination of economic studies, financial, scientific, technical/technological or other, connected with the recovery and use of packaging waste wood;
  • Membership or implementation of an integrated management system of packaging waste wood
  • Cooperation with the central and local administration and organizations governed by public law or private law with a view to the achievement of the purposes of membership; 
  • Contribution to the collecting and recovery of wood packaging used, as well as other wood packaging waste which, can be recycled
  • Guarantee, in conjunction with the competent organizations, established or to be established, the disposal of waste from the salvaged wood packaging, with a view to their recoverability;
  • Grant use of marks that holds, economic operators, against payment of a fee per packing unit placing on the market, so that their products can participate in systems that make it possible its reuse, in particular guaranteeing their recycling;
  • Cooperation with other management systems for packaging waste, with a view to the mutual reciprocity in the use of their trademarks;
  • Promote all initiatives that may be of interest to members
  • For the attainment of its objectives, Embar can:
  • Join other associations or institutions that pursue identical objectives;
  • Participate in the formation of responsible entities in the Constitution of entities responsible for the integrated management of packaging waste, even if this limits anonimous societies to obtain its shareholders.In order to give greater negotiating capacity and better defensive, in such a complex process, it is of the utmost importance all companies producing or recycling wooden containers to be member of Embar.

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